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Mom+Little Dude= Unisaurus 4 Life


The Mom

M. (A.K.A-Macy, Mommy, Princess Macy, Toy Fairy, Princess Fairy, Rockstar Mom, Hot Mamacita, Berkeley’s Mom-all the above)

I love the color pink, unicorns, glitter, scented pens, bling, designer purses and vintage jewelry. I married my high school sweetheart and we live in the town that raised us to be close to family. On Febrary 19th, 2014 God made me a mom with a boy. A proud BoyMom I am, though a girly girl I will always be. This blog is a rediscovery of my girly side, my inner 13-year-old and the acceptance of my BoyMom life.

The Little Dude

B. (A.K.A.- Berkeley, EB5, Little Dude, Boy, Edgar Berkeley, little Eddie, This Kid, That Kid, whose kid?)

The boy that makes me a BoyMom. His favorite color is yellow, he loves fast cars and choo choo trains. His favorite thing about school is science club and his ladybug class. He loves riding in “Sarge”(an old war vehicle that lives with us) and playing with his friends. B also thinks dinosaurs are silly, but he loves them anyway!

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