How To Guide: Traveling with Tots – Tips and Tricks For Busy Moms

Holidays or not, there will come a time when you have to take a long car ride or even worse…..get on an airplane with your children. Berkeley and I mastered the traveling experience, a few years ago, when we were making very frequent trips to San Antonio, Dallas and Austin for commercial and modeling auditions. Here are a few last minute tips on how to travel with toddlers. HINT: it’s all about the surprises! If you conduct a quick Pinterest-igation on “toddler travel activities” or “kids traveling toys” you will find A LOT of things that require mommy-assembling and/ or an organized and well stocked craft room in order to accomplish. While my craft room is organized and I love me some DIY’ing, my time is limited and I choose sleep. Now, I’m a working mom so my free time is either early mornings or late evenings. Even before being a working mom, our auditions all over TX were only planned 12-24 hours in advance so I relied heavily on our box or basket or travel toys. Having said that, I have carefully curated a list of my favorite no-brainer items to throw into a ziploc bag that will provide entertainment (hopefully) to your little love! The easiest thing to do is start collecting things when you’re not planning a trip, because we all know it’s easier to find what you need when you don’t need it than when you actually do! Not your jam? No, it’s not mine either. I’m more of a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal! First things first…. Travel Setting: Airplane or Automobile. Airplane? I would literally just throw these things in some sort of bag. For the added element of surprise you can get put them in a few different bags or pencil zip cases or random make-up bags that are not being used in your own drawers. Auto? Go to the dollar store and find a bucket tote or Wal-mart and find a shallow plastic box with a lid. We now have both, but when B was 18mo-2 years I had the bucket tote that was tall, skinny, fit behind the passenger seat and remained within reach for me to easily grab things. Second…What To Buy: at least 12 months old
  1. Crayola sand-scribbler, magna-doodle, etc. – easily found at any wal-mart, Target or toy store in your area
  2. Gel clings and window stickers- usually in the holiday or seasonal sections
  3. Magnetic game/puzzle of some sort
  4. A favorite book
  5. Easter eggs-  put little handfuls of their favorite snack or trinket toys into easter eggs
  6. Ice cube tray, also great for sorting and re-sorting snacks and trinket toys
  7. Pom pom balls and pipe cleaners will work great in the ice cube trays and can be twisted up and put into easter eggs for even more fun
  8. Popsicle or craft sticks, can be colored with the crayons out of the coloring pack you got and you can make little people with them using the pipe cleaners too!
  9. Jacobs Ladder
  10. Buildr Tape
  11. Blind Bags- from their favorite characters or shows

Last But Not Least: Important Things(things I always forget at least)

  1. Don’t over buy on snacks prior to the trip. Chances are when going to the airport or on a road trip, there will be plenty of places to stop for snacks and meals. 
  2. DONT FORGET THE CHARGERS! If you don’t have a spare battery pack for your electronic devices go buy one NOW!

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