A Dapper Dude has Brunch with Santa!

Ladies and gents, we made a promise and we are here to deliver! In case you don’t keep up with our posts( not sure why you wouldn’t…), this is an update from the the post ” The Jack In Janie and Jack” about how much we LOVE everything there! We promised you an update on his brunch with santa look this year and here it is. This kid is growing like a weed, he has literally sprouted two whole sizes in the past year. I feel like he went straight from 2T to 4T overnight. A lot can happen in one super quick but really REALLY long year. Let’s just throw in NOT fitting into our uniform pants (the morning that I’m late for work and the weather man is talking about snow in the forecast, in Houston TX of all places) to round out this rollercoaster of a year! But at least the boy looked adorable, because really that’s all that matters…

Berkeley's Easter Look. Little Boy's Fashion.
B resting after a long Easter egg hunt.

Little Boy’s Fashion

BoyMom’s,rejoice! Despite the fact that dude clothes are quite boring, there are a few little boy’s fashion options out there for us. The moment you enter a childrens clothing boutique, your eyeballs go straight to the precious girl clothes. Why is that, you ask? Because, what is cuter than little girl clothes with all of the matching accessories beautifully desplayed alongside? Um….the BOY section at Janie and Jack that’s what! Janie and Jack is one of the very few brick and mortar’s that gets me excited to shop for my little dude’s clothes. Timeless interiors and expertly well dressed windows will lure even the most reluctant shoppers into their storefront.
Holiday Shenanigans at Kidville-Woodlands.
Janie and Jack makes it easy to enjoy all of the accessories for your little dude, because they have all of the coordinates available. My favorite part about their clothing is the use of fine fabrics and quality construction of each piece. For years, Janie and Jack has been our go-to store for every season and for every occasion. I love my child, but enough enough to spend money on vintage fashion pieces for him. Thankfully, Janie and Jack at least makes me feel as though I’m passing along a little vintage flair in my little boy’s fashion. Their level of customer service is exceptional and I love sifting through their sale racks to make sure I didn’t miss anything from a previous collection. I strongly urge you to visit their site and check it out for yourself.
Being set free after being traumatized by Santa.

Stay tuned for our Janie and Jack sale post and our Christmas 2017 Breakfast with Santa at The Club @ Carlton Woods, look. Little boy’s fashion has never been more fun! 

Baby dedication.

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