Oooo, Amazon-Ooooo, Amazon! How lovely is your ship-ping.

TWO things from Amazon that I would like to point out from our favorite internet service in the world. Ever.

First of all, they are offering $50 off if you buy TWO of their amazon kids tablets. If you’re not super interested in the Amazon fire for your children and would rather pay 15x more for the Ipad, then feel free to do so. When B started becoming increasingly interested in our phones and watching videos/playing games we decided it was time for him to have his own “device”. So for Christmas last year, he got finally one and we can’t imagine life without it. It’s little, it’s durable and it comes with it’s own “otter box” style case that’s bouncy and virtually undestructable. Plus, you get to set different profiles which allows you to control and direct what your little precious is playing and watching on their tablet. For little kids who have no clue what they’re actaully getting, I would HIGHLY recommend it!

 Plan Toys

Second, upon my Amazon browsing I discovered a new toy brand! I love learning about new brands that are awesome and this one truly is. Upon further investigation(meaning a quick Google search) I also learned that they are a 30 year old company based in Thailand (but I think German born). All their wood is sustainable and 100% chemical free and safe. They’re truly dedicated in putting an educational value into play. What’s better, they will send you replacement parts if something breaks. Their site claims they will charge a reasonable amount for replacement parts, but I like that they backup their product. Dedication from companies like Plan Toys make me want to buy them and help spread the word. Check them out for yourselves on their website or on Amazon!

Check out this Plan Toys Stacking/Balance Cactus game on Amazon!

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