Christmas Gift Guide: 18-24 months

More toys that my child would have had tons of fun with but was deprived of fun. Bless his heart! Actually, he had tons of toys they were just spread out between our house and all the grandparents houses. This is still the case but now we have a bigger house with a dedicated playroom so….more toys for little dude! True story: One year I had him throw a bunch of things in a cart at Bucees,bought them and then put them in his “santa bag” on Christmas Eve. He had no idea but loved every single thing! Now, I wouldn’t be able to get away with such trickery. For those of y’all who aren’t so lucky, here are a few must haves for the toddlers in your life. 18-24 months 81-1376-0_Product_My-First_Activities-Organizers_Sand-Scribbler_Mess-Free_H2_2016AwardCrayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler is a great first art project for little hands. When the stylus is placed onto the board, it connects to a magnetic piece inside that creates the lines in the sand. While the product description says it’s for 2+, I feel like it’s easily appropriate for 18 months and up. Great for practicing and identifying shapes and comes with the added bonus of 12 different LED colored lights. Adults will certainly find this one soothing and entertaining as well! wheelybug Wheely Bug  is an adorable ride-on that comes in two different sizes. Really, ride-ons are good for babies ages 1 yr up to 3-ish. This one is great becuase it’s a classic look and style with a whimsical flare. Wheely Bug  is great for developing fine motor skills too! greentoystruck

Green Toys are made out of 100% recycled materials (including milk containers so hurray for you if you contributed!) are tough and durable. They’re aesthetically pleasing for those of us that don’t particularly LOVE plastic toys. I wish we had found these earlier, but little dude still loved them at his age. There are several toy and color options but this truck is one of my favorites because it can also be used outdoors without ruining it.

mat120Groovy Girls Princess Seraphina Doll is a simply sweet and plush line of dolls that is unique and can be customized with super cute fashions and accessories. This special brand of dolls provides a safe, appropriate way for young girls to experience fun, fashion-filled doll play while promoting age-appropriate values and attitudes. HOLIDAY DEALS AND GIFT IDEAS: 20% off when you buy 5 Stocking Stuffers – Crayola Up To 60% Off Holiday Toy Sale

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