The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Gifting: 0-18 months

Christmas shopping got you feeling like that guy? (hint: not the smiling guy…) Don’t fret, here are a few awesome and popular toy suggestions for your mini-me this Christmas. Getting christmas done, is truly a super mom power. As the days creep closer to Christmas, I still find that lots of parents don’t know what to get there kiddos. Since little dude is almost 4, he is finally grasping the gifting concept. But, the past several years were quite difficult for us especially since we had grandparents who wanted to buy him presens and we had no clue where to begin. Right now B. is at an age that is ultimately a Christmas gifting sweet spot. Meaning he is without a definite list and wants ALL THE THINGS, literally. Here are a few toy suggestions for the littles, by age, that we’ve put together. Hope this helps!  

0-12 Months

 Shop now for great selection of toys!Fat Brain Toys is the only place to go for babies, they have some innovative and sensory rich options that are essential in this development stage. I would suggest the pipSquigz , Wimzle and Animal Crackers” B would’ve LOVED these at this age!

12-18 Months

 Vroom Blox are another great choice from Fat Brain Toys. They are transforming blocks that can be either used as regular blocks or transformed into little cars for an added bonus!

Balancing Bear Buddies are a neat alternative to the classic stacking toys. This has an added balancing element to further the growing  of those little minds!

  Tobbles Neo are grippable, stackable,  tobble-able and make sure another great option for the toddler stages.

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