HMNS Gala: A Night In Old Mexico

Ole! A Night In Old Mexico. Houston Museum of Natural Science annual gala March 5th, 2016 

  “Funds raised from Olé! A Night in Old Mexico will benefit the Museum’s general operating budget, which sustains our many programs and fosters a love of science and discovery for two million visitors, school groups, summer campers, and scouts annually.” from This was an event I was really excited about. Not only do I love any natural history museum but this is the one I used to visit on field trips. Of course, you can’t beat the one in NY and I spent many classes in that museum. But, the HMNS is very close to my heart because it’s my hometown, so I gotta represent!   The theme to this beautiful gala was ” A Night In Old Mexico” and they did not dissapoint one bit. As soon as we walked in the doors, we were greeted with vintage mexican decor and wonderfully delicious margaritas(i’m picky about my ‘ritas)! There were several rows of silent auction items to peruse as we sipped on our refreshments. The raffle item of the evening was a ladies Cartier watch, since I don’t ever win raffle items we did not go home with this one. Towards the back of the main hall were all of the gemstones and several finished pieces that were just beautiful. Finally, at the very end of the main hall was the band….but my focus was on the gemstones so I couldn’t even tell you what they were like.
Me and my dude. 
This might surprise those of you that know me, but you don’t have to ask me twice to get dressed up or wear any sort of costume. Since the theme of the night was vintage mexico I decided to actually go with that and found a vintage 1960’s mexican wedding dress on Ebay. I debated going with a full on bright colored dress that looked more mexicana but I couldn’t pass this dress up when I found it. Buying vintage on Ebay is always a bit risky but I took the chance and was able to get the musty smell out of it eventually. Since I don’t like to go over the top(hahaha), I chose neutral shoes with a heel high enough to be pretty but not so high that my feet were killing me. To complete the look, I made my own flower headpiece because I just could not find one I liked anywhere else. I also made my hubby a matching lapel flower, we were precious. All in all it was a perfect ensemble! Stolen loot from our table’s centerpieces. Little B loves them!    ——- (bring on the randomness) —— In case you are wondering, the dinosaurs do NOT come to life at night. Even though, by this point I had already consumed an entire glass of champagne and almost two margaritas(yes this is a lot for me). So a lot could’ve gotten past me and I didn’t even notice but I’m pretty sure everything was in it’s place.—— Found this flattering picture on Photo courtesy of Dave Rossman Dinner. Was. Amazing!!! Nevermind the fact that I hadn’t eaten lunch that day and I was really feelin’ those margaritas, but it truly was divine. The first course was a jumbo lump crab tostada, I normally don’t like crab but I ate every bite of this. Second course was seared breast of duck in mole poblano and enchilada rojo with swiss chard. Yes I realize it all sounds like odd combinations but trust me, it all worked very well together. For dessert, we had a frozen chocolate and pistachio parfait with chocolate sauce, mascarpone and pistachio brittle. It was almost as awesome as my vintage dress I rocked that night. Our night in old Mexico was nothing short of fabulous. Not only was I excited about my outfit but the event did not dissapoint. How can you beat sipping drinks while browsing a gorgeous museum at night, oh wait….you can’t! Ole! Thanks HMNS for a grand evening. Until next year! Much love, Macy

P.S. What happens at the museum stays at the museum…

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