Lego Hacks: The One Product You HAVE to buy NOW!

Lego Hacks: What to Buy Now!

Some kids, have everything, all the toys, all the clothes, all the LEGOS! I’ll bet you they don’t have this fancy product we found, just in time for Christmas. Here’s the one lego hack product you have to buy NOW!

Climbing the Buildr Tape bridge

Whether you’re using it to decorate SOMETHING, (maybe not your walls), using it for a craft (like a custom and cute photo frame). Or, just trying to keep your kiddos occupied this holiday season, this stuff is truly awesome. It makes for an amazing gift idea for the Lego lover in your life who has ALL THE LEGOS! Even better, for the little brother or grandchild who has gotten stuck with hand-me-down bricks that aren’t separated into sets (the horror!!!).

“Can I make this???”

What Is This Sorcery?

Buildr Tape by Buildr Toys is the perfect site if you have a fussy Lego lover to shop for, or if you havent’ a clue how to navigate the Lego world…it can be scary! Here is an entire site that is dedicated to different shapes and colors of Lego building tapes. It sticks to just about any surface and comes off easily.

“It’s a good thing my glass has nothing in it!”

Not only is the Buildr Toys site user-friendly and easy to navigate, but their level of customer service is beyond fabulous. They make it easy to complete an order, respond ASAP if you have any questions. Big plus, they give you the feeling that you’re important to them regardless of your order size. I placed my order on Tuesday at 2PM and by 4:30PM that day I received notification to my FB Messenger (love that) that the first part of my order had been shipped. Even with the Thanksgiving holiday, I received part 1 of my order on Friday via USPS.

They have a variety of choices, this just happens to be the newest one to be added to our collection. These make amazing gifts for the kid who loves Legos but has all of them, it’s different and unique and absolutely awesome. Follow us on FB and Insta to see the wearable Buildr Tape creations!

Bye Friends!

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