Mad Mattr: SO LONG slime!

Hi friends! Do you have slime all over your counters, floors and walls? Are you tired of scrubbing green off of little fingers and hands? Neat, me too! From the makers of Kinetic Sand, I present to you: Mad Mattr from Relevant Play. Quite possibly the yummiest feeling fidget compound out there. It truly is scrumptious, I’m not even sure how that’s possible, but somehow it is. I initially bought this stuff for B because I wanted it for myself….It melts in your hands but when formed and packed down hard enough, it will stay in its form. Essentially, I would say this is good for ages 2.5 and up because it’s a cleaner alternative to play-doh and won’t dry out. If you have a little one with bigger kids in the house then it’s perfect, but if you’re trying to entertain a house full of big kids I would say go for the Crazy Aarons instead! View the video here and don’t forget to suscribe to stay up to date on all the things. Bye friends!–XXOO Unisaurus

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