Hatchimals, Unhatched!

Oh the Hatchimal… I often get asked about these things, mainly by clueless grandparents but I feel their pain. Well, I’m here to assure you that they are in fact worth it if you can get your hands on whichever your precious little one is asking for this holiday season. However, unless your child has them ALL I wouldn’t suggest going out and buying the big one just yet. Start small and assess what their level of interest actually is, becuase they’re expensive. Worth the money though? Absolutely! Little dude tends to get all the toys becuase well, what good is being a mom if you can’t enjoy the toys? I was excited to try out the Hatchimal Colleggtibles first because they’re just little eggs full of cuteness! We’re in love and will definitely be “colleggting” more of these guys. Stay tuned friends!!!    

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