WTF are Fingerling Monkeys, Are They Monkeys???

Meet Bella, “the pink one”. Or, as B calls it “the girl one”.
Ahhhh, the Fingerling Monkey. Their kitchy little slogan “friendship at your fingertips” just makes you want to scoop them all up! If you’ve heard of these, then chances are you’ve hunted one down(or three). If youre hip and with it, then you’ve gotten a child one for their birthday but now they’re asking for more plus a jungle gym. Those little suckers need excersize, after all. If youre still asking WTF? Then The Fingerling Monkey is to Christmas 2017 as the Cabbage Patch, Tickle Me Elmo, Furby(the original version) and Hatchimal was to their years past. Our store was lucky enough to receive 150 of these precious things on a Tuesday morning and by Thursday afternoon we were completely sold out. With just a few texts, FB posts, Insta pics and friends sharing with friends we were taking orders left and right. It was pure toy store magic. Just to test my own doubts, I did a little research. If you go onto the official Fingerlings Website and click “BUY NOW” you will be directed to a screen that asks you to choose the darling character you would like, there are seven of them. Choose one and the site lists out all the official reailers of that specific character. SO, all of the big box stores are sold out until further notice. But, you CAN find them on Amazon for double their retail price. Now that Halloween is over, parents are starting to feel the pinches and twinges of the approaching holiday season. My guess is that by the time we get to Thanksgiving, the demand will double if not triple. So what makes these things the hot holiday toy of 2017? Beats me, I’m just a mom. But I will say that after buying one for my son, playing with it for a day and now watching it hang out in his room. If you can get ahold of one, it’s a must. Even if you don’t have kids, call your friends and family who do and offer to buy one for them. They will be extremely grateful and hopefully do something nice in return. Because really, thats what the holiday spirit is truly about. Or…don’t and charge them double because they’re desperate and you think it’s unecessarily hilarious. Either way do it because, kids and Santa. AND by the way, Christmas. I must admit, I myself am obsessed with these things and can’t wait to open the other “boy” monkeys that Santa will be getting little dude. They’re fricken adorable! So how shall you go about getting one of these for yourself? To that I say ” Good luck and goodnight!”. JK…. leave the number desired in the comments because we just might be getting a limited shipment at the store in a few weeks.
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