Hair Things: 6 Basic Tips

It’s the end of gala season y’all and with that came some fab parties, kick off events, wine fests and VIP nights. All of these social events and as a mom, I don’t have time to go to the salon. But, from an early age, I started paying attention to what my hairdresser was doing when I would get my hair done. It’s simple to figure out, but that also doesn’t mean your hair will cooperate for you. However, if you have the time and money to go to the salon every time you’d like your hair to look nice then by all means, go for it. For the rest of us, here are a few quick tips to getting the best out of your hair. 

1. Understand Your Hair Type  Do you have curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair? Is it thick, thin, coarse, fine? Ask your hairdresser next time you’re getting a haircut if you don’t already know. This is the first clue to even buying hair products to do the hairstyles you might want. 2. Hairspray, Hairspray and More Hairspray I will never forget on  my wedding day, I went to my moms house after getting my hair done and her first words were “oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous….let me put some hairspray in it” So, I might be biased on this one….I am a Texas girl! I like my hair voluminous and in this nasty sub-tropical climate of ours it truly is a must. But, to be fair I did use the same amount of hairspray when living in NY. There are so many types of hairspray you can use its insane. Light hold is worthless to me with my thick and heavy hair, but if you have fine hair and don’t appreciate the crunchy feeling then light hold would be for you. It’s a great way to polish off any hairstyle, I would highly suggest it! 3. Bobby Pins   There are also several different types of these little beauties. I would suggest the normal size to start that match or are similar to your hair color. The trick to bobby pins is going one direction with the short side down and then flip it over and push in the other direction. Voila, instead hold! They truly are amazing and I can never have enough of them. If you want to go hardcore with bobby pins, there are large ones, open bobby pins, super short ones and some weird ones that I refuse to try. But again, just buy a bunch of the normal size ones and call it a day. 4. Mousse and Gel Nope, mousse was not left in the 80’s it’s still very much alive. Mousse is a great way to get hold without the crunch. For super hold and major crunch, gel is always the way to go. There are several types of both of these so really the best way to narrow it down is by budget. I am a firm believer in salon quality hair products, my hair seems to do better with them. Otherwise my go-to brands are Nexxus and Bed Head for my super thick hair. This would also be a great question to ask your hairstylist next time you go in for a trim. Ask for their preference, suggestions, and/or what they use when they blow dry your hair. 5. Blow Dryers and Brushes Where do I even begin with this one?! First of all, do not ever skimp on the blow dryer. It is the powerhouse behind any great hair style, seriously! I was fortunate enough to have been given a very nice Chi blow dryer several years ago and I haven’t gone back to a grocery store hair dryer since. There is no comparison, just trust me. Depending on the hairstyle you’re trying to achieve, depends on the round brush you choose. Do you ever notice when you go to the salon they dry each section with a round brush? It’s usually round to some degree at least, hey even if it’s a flat brush invest in whichever one will glide through your hair somewhat easily. Tangles suck! 6. Find A Great Salon  A really great haircut from a really great salon doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be expensive, yes. But, it doesn’t have to be in order to be what’s right for you. I have had a $300 haircut and a $35 haircut and I loved them both. The best way to find a salon is ask your friends/co-workers/neighbors whose hair you admire who they use. Really though, my hairstylist is the all-knowing hair goddess. She will answer any question at any time, will talk me out of certain hair colors and cuts because she knows my hair. This is your key to getting the best out of your hair and haircut, just ask questions.   So learn your hair type, find some hair products and gadgets, buy a bunch of bobby pins and find a great salon and you’re on your way to professional looking hair! It’s not hard once you get the hang of it, it just might require a few investments of your time and hard earned money. But once you do figure it out, you will learn to love your hair because it always looks fabulous!   Until further notice… Much Love, Macy

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